6 Delicious Recipe Ideas for Vegan Lunch


Many people who care about health are making many people turn to be vegan. Vegetarian cuisine is believed to be able to maintain our health even though we are older.

Being vegan means changing your lifestyle to be healthier because you only eat vegetables. In fact, one t vegan diet types is eating only vegetables without increasing protein intake from animals.

Vegetarian Delicious Menu’s

Meat is very delicious, but for a vegan it becomes a challenge to find alternatives other than meat. Vegans usually prepare a menu of mushrooms as a substitute for meat.

Mushrooms can be created into a variety of delicious dishes and will not be boring. Mushrooms have a soft texture and have many benefits for our bodies.

Being a vegan, of course, you have to be consistent. We should always eat vegetables and occasionally eat processed products from animals, fish and poultry. Every now and then we can also eat milk, cheese and yogurt.

Vegan Cooking Recipe Ideas

Nowadays being vegan is certainly not difficult because there are so many vegetarian menus that we can make ourselves at home and taste like in a restaurant. Here are some recipe ideas for vegetarians:

  1. Baked Potato With Broccoli

You can get carbohydrate intake from baked potatoes. Add broccoli as a topping and add corn. Add seasonings such as salt, oregano and pepper. You can also add cheese to make it more delicious.

  1. Pasta Spinach and Mushroom

Nowadays, organic pasta can be found in supermarkets easily. One of them is spinach paste. This paste is green because it is made from spinach.

You can cook it with olive oil plus chopped mushrooms. Add seasonings such as pepper, salt, garlic. This recipe is very easy to make and doesn’t take long.

  1. Vegetarian sandwiches

Usually the sandwich contains smoked beef. You can replace the smoked beef with chopped mushrooms that are grilled first. Add seasonings such as salt, pepper and garlic powder to the chopped mushrooms.

Include lettuce, tomatoes and your favorite vegetables. This vegan sandwich can be a breakfast menu or snacks.

  1. Tempeh Steak

Tempe is processed fermented soybean. Vegan diet types usually use tempeh as an alternative to meat.

Tempeh can be crushed and shaped like a lump of meat and given spices such as butter, garlic oil and salt. Serve with your favorite boiled vegetables.

  1. Vegan Pizza

Pizza doesn’t just have minced meat topping. You can make vegan pizza yourself at home. Buy an instant pizza crust and top it with barbeque sauce.

Top with spinach, corn, tomato, cucumber and add mozzarella cheese on top. Guaranteed this vegan pizza is no less delicious than meat pizza.

  1. Mushroom Satay and Paprika

This recipe can be an alternative if you want to have a barbeque with friends. Replace meat with mushrooms and add seasonings such as pepper and salt. Grill briefly and taste really good.

Those are 6 delicious food menu ideas for vegetarians. Vegan diet types, of course, must prioritize a vegetable menu that is not boring and delicious taste.

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Importance of Social Relations with Various Purposes


Whether it’s social relations in general or friendship, it can affect a person’s condition, including from a health perspective. There are many experts who agree that one of determinants of quality of life is judged by social interactions with Production House in Jakarta. It cannot be denied, because considering that humans are social creatures. Having a relationship like friendship can be an important thing needed to live life.

Better Social Relationships And Friendships In Person

This friendship is clearly not a relationship via Facebook or Twitter. These friendships have a considerable impact on emotional conditions. This social connection is the most powerful way to regulate our own emotions. If you are having a hard time, if you are close to other people like friends, then this is the most effective way to calm your mind and mind.

What Are The Goals Of Social Relations?

Social interaction can be direct or indirect. There are examples of direct social relationship interactions, namely face-to-face and then chatting. Meanwhile, indirect social interaction can be through media such as telephone, e-mail, social media, letters, and others.

Although the interaction can occur directly or indirectly, they still have some of the same goals. Following are some goals of social relationships or interactions.

  1. Solving a Problem

Everyone must have a problem. The most appropriate way to solve problem is by negotiating. With social interaction, we can find out what are the causes of these problems. Then it can also be determined what is the most appropriate solution so that problem can be solved.

  1. Promote a Closer Relationship

Friendship is a social interaction between individuals who are closer to a very close mind with a very high level of trust. With friendship, there will be no worries when exchanging stories. Friendship is also able to provide support that can raise morale.

  1. Business

Social interactions can also be useful for business relationships. For example, business relationships between some production house in Jakarta to achieve predetermined goals. One of the steps taken is of course with social interaction. Without carrying out this social interaction, conclusions that are useful for both companies cannot be reached.

  1. Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

More or less the same as social interaction for business. The development of a group or organization that has been assigned the task. In order for task to be completed quickly, it will usually be divided by members. Social relationships and interactions will be needed so that task can be completed quickly. From good social interaction, the task can get best results too.

  1. Adaptation To Surrounding Habits And Environment

The culture of each place or group of people is certainly different, people’s habits may or may not suit us. The culture that everyone has is very diverse, but it would be nice for us to understand it. With social interaction, it is hoped that we can tolerate this diversity. For example, a group of students from city A and city B work together to raise funds for disaster victims. Those are some goals of social interaction.

We must be able to put forward instincts when interacting socially. It is only natural that we understand the needs, views, or sadness of people so that social interactions can take place smoothly. We must also avoid imposing our own will on people. It is better to start by understanding oneself in society and also realizing that every human being cannot live alone without help of others. Existence of social interaction can be the basis for survival in social life. Therefore, an attitude of respect, tolerance, and respect for fellow human beings must be fostered continuously. So that interactions that occur can take place well.

The Benefits Of Friendship

It is better for us to know about the benefits of friendship too. Having friends has to do with mental or emotional conditions. It can even have an effect on physical health. Adults with strong social relationships can reduce risk of many health problems such as depression and high blood pressure. With friendship, it can increase a sense of belonging and know purpose of life. It can also increase happiness and can reduce stress. Other benefits Production House in Jakarta are can increase self-confidence, can overcome trauma, and support individuals to live better lives. That’s all and hopefully it’s useful for all of you.

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Differences Between Inkjet Printer And Laser Printer


Printers have many types that can be adjusted according to their individual needs. Laser printers and inkjet printers are two types of printers that we usually encounter and use. Before you buy between a laser printer or an inkjet printer, you need to know the differences and advantages first. So that it can be tailored to your needs.

Difference between inkjet printers and laser printers

Basically, the two printers that differentiate are the type of material and the printing method used. Inkjet printers use liquid ink to produce colors on paper. Meanwhile, laser printers use powder-shaped ink.

  1. Inkjet Printer

This printer is most often used at home or at school. Because it can print documents on a small scale. The price of this printer cartridge is also cheap.

Inkjet printers are usually used for printing photos, documents, scanners, copier. This printer ink is so cheap that it is suitable for use at home.

The shape of this printer is quite small and doesn’t take up much space. The printed photo resolution is also good and the colors are solid. One of the printer brands Hp printer driver download


  • Small size and easy to place anywhere
  • Cheap price
  • Cheap cartridges
  • The photo print quality is excellent and the colors appear to have a high resolution


  • Wasteful use of ink, so you have to replace the cartridge frequently
  • To print a large number of documents takes a long time
  • Difficult to clean
  1. Laser Printer

Laser printers are usually widely used in offices that require printing a lot of documents. This printer is specially designed for those of you who need to print large amounts of documents.

Laser printer cartridges are more expensive than inkjet printer cartridges. However, the efficiency of use is better than inkjet printers.

This printer has a much better speed than inkjet printers. So that this printer is needed in the office to print a lot of documents.

Inexpensive laser printers usually only print in black and white. However, the all in one type laser printer Hp printer driver download can print colors, but the price is more expensive.


  • The use of toner or powder ink in a laser printer is more efficient than an inkjet printer.
  • The cost of a laser printer is cheaper, so running costs are lower. Similar to a copier, this laser printer has almost the same print quality.
  • Has a fast and fast print speed. Especially for printing a lot of documents.
  • Easier to clean


  • Cartridge price is more expensive
  • large size, although many types of laser printers are small. However, the majority of laser printers are large, making it difficult to place them in tight spaces
  • This printer produces a sound that is quite loud when operating, so it is a bit noisy.
  • Laser printers for printing colors are more expensive, so many choose inkjets for color printing

That is the difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer. One of the recommendations for the Hp printer driver download. Hopefully this will be taken into consideration before buying

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5 Reasons to Stay Renting a Home


The benefits of renting a house monthly and annually are different. Then we have to consider which is the greater advantage. Because the house is a primary need, we must be smart in choosing cheap house rentals.

The longer the house price is getting more expensive, so if you want to buy a house, you have to pay a lot of money. So it’s better if we rent a house because it’s cheaper

Mobile homes for rent near me under $500 can be your choice if you want to rent a house at a low price.

Advantages of Renting a House

Renting a house is certainly much more profitable than buying a new house. But rent a house means we don’t own a house. but by renting a house, we can slowly save to buy a new house.

  1. Cost Effective

If you decide to rent monthly, then the advantage is that the costs you incur are not as big as if you rent annually.

But if you rent a house monthly, then if you total it for a year the cost is much greater than you rent a house on an annual basis. So it is cheaper to rent the house annually, because for a year there are no other dependents.

If you rent a house to be more thrifty, then it’s better to choose an annual rental. So every month you only need to pay for daily needs.

  1. Mobility

If you rent a house yearly, the drawback is that you cannot move around and get out. Because already paid a year. If you are the type of person who has difficulty adapting, then choose a monthly rental so you can adjust.

Don’t lose money because the goal is to rent a house to be more economical and save money to buy a house.

  1. Select the house as needed

If you are looking to rent a house, make sure it fits your needs. For example, you live alone, then you can look for a minimalist house. Or if you want to rent a house with friends, then look for a house that can contain your belongings and friends.

And if you are looking to rent a house for a business, then you can look for a mobile homes for rent near me under $500.

Rent a house provides an advantage because we can find the type of house according to what we need. Compared to buying a house that is very expensive. You can save money to buy a house while living in a rental house.

  1. Saving Money

If you rent a house yearly, the funds that you spent at the beginning will be quite large. But during the year, you can raise money to buy or deposit a house.

Even though your finances are not yet supportive. Then rent a house that has an affordable price. The rental price for houses also did not increase dramatically. Especially for those who rent per year, the cost of the increase is not much and often the price is fixed.

  1. Cheaper Rental Costs

The landlord will provide a lease contract or agreement. So you can arrange your monthly money to buy necessities or pay rent for a house.

It will be more thrifty if you rent a house annually, because every month you don’t need to spend more to pay rent.

Mobile homes for rent near me under $500 are indeed easier and more efficient, but you also have to take care of the house. If there is damage, it can be communicated with the home owner. the problem is resolved quickly.

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