The Differences Between Laser Printers and Inkjet Printer

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Currently, the printer has a very important role to be able to print a document quickly without being complicated. So, it’s not uncommon when schools and offices currently need printer driver to operate these printers.

And if it is known that currently there are several types of printers with their respective sophistication. The most widely known types of printers today are laser and Cect types. A lot of people don’t know the difference between these two printers so they just buy them carelessly. To tell the difference, read the following information.

Technological Aspect

One of the differences that are quite significant and must be known is the technology used in each of these printers. For printers that are often used by schools or offices, this type of printer is usually inkjet printer.

The printer has a way of printing by spraying ink through the cartridge. But when using a laser printer, of course, that’s not how it works. Because the concept of printing on this printer is to use a small laser beam that can penetrate the photoreceptors so that they can move horizontally and can form text or images.

Differences in Ink Used

Based on information from the technology used previously, then of course we can conclude that there are differences regarding the type of ink that will be used because it uses a different printing process.

The ink that is most commonly known by the public is the ink for inkjet printers. When buying ink for this printer, there are four different colors used, namely black, blue, red, and yellow. Then what about the ink used in laser printer machines?

By using a printer driver, this type of laser printer will use fertilizer or toner. Printouts from laser printers are believed to have higher durability because they do not fade easily.

Printer Speed

Printing speed on a printer is one of the important things to consider when buying a printer. Because the faster the printer can print a document, the more profitable it will be for its users.

In terms of speed, which of the laser printers and inkjet printers is faster? The answer is laser printers. Because this type of printer can print up to 20 pages in a 1-minute duration.

As for the inkjet printer, it is slower and has a significant performance difference. Each type of inkjet printer can only print approximately 6 pages 1-minute in duration.

Price of Second Printer

Based on the previous information, you probably already know which type of printer has a more expensive price. Because we know that a price on a product is produced from the quality provided.

It has become a pack if the price of a laser printer is more expensive. Laser printers are more expensive because they have significant advantages, especially in terms of performance. So, it’s only natural if the price is more economical.

That’s why currently some school or office agencies are more likely to use an inkjet type printer because the price is more affordable and maintenance is not too difficult. However, the low price makes Inkjet not empty of enthusiasts. Moreover, tomorrow it is known that the maintenance is indeed easier.


By reading the information above, you have the freedom to choose any type of printer. As long as you don’t forget to install the printer driver on your computer or laptop to be able to operate the printer