6 Delicious Recipe Ideas for Vegan Lunch

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Many people who care about health are making many people turn to be vegan. Vegetarian cuisine is believed to be able to maintain our health even though we are older.

Being vegan means changing your lifestyle to be healthier because you only eat vegetables. In fact, one t vegan diet types is eating only vegetables without increasing protein intake from animals.

Vegetarian Delicious Menu’s

Meat is very delicious, but for a vegan it becomes a challenge to find alternatives other than meat. Vegans usually prepare a menu of mushrooms as a substitute for meat.

Mushrooms can be created into a variety of delicious dishes and will not be boring. Mushrooms have a soft texture and have many benefits for our bodies.

Being a vegan, of course, you have to be consistent. We should always eat vegetables and occasionally eat processed products from animals, fish and poultry. Every now and then we can also eat milk, cheese and yogurt.

Vegan Cooking Recipe Ideas

Nowadays being vegan is certainly not difficult because there are so many vegetarian menus that we can make ourselves at home and taste like in a restaurant. Here are some recipe ideas for vegetarians:

  1. Baked Potato With Broccoli

You can get carbohydrate intake from baked potatoes. Add broccoli as a topping and add corn. Add seasonings such as salt, oregano and pepper. You can also add cheese to make it more delicious.

  1. Pasta Spinach and Mushroom

Nowadays, organic pasta can be found in supermarkets easily. One of them is spinach paste. This paste is green because it is made from spinach.

You can cook it with olive oil plus chopped mushrooms. Add seasonings such as pepper, salt, garlic. This recipe is very easy to make and doesn’t take long.

  1. Vegetarian sandwiches

Usually the sandwich contains smoked beef. You can replace the smoked beef with chopped mushrooms that are grilled first. Add seasonings such as salt, pepper and garlic powder to the chopped mushrooms.

Include lettuce, tomatoes and your favorite vegetables. This vegan sandwich can be a breakfast menu or snacks.

  1. Tempeh Steak

Tempe is processed fermented soybean. Vegan diet types usually use tempeh as an alternative to meat.

Tempeh can be crushed and shaped like a lump of meat and given spices such as butter, garlic oil and salt. Serve with your favorite boiled vegetables.

  1. Vegan Pizza

Pizza doesn’t just have minced meat topping. You can make vegan pizza yourself at home. Buy an instant pizza crust and top it with barbeque sauce.

Top with spinach, corn, tomato, cucumber and add mozzarella cheese on top. Guaranteed this vegan pizza is no less delicious than meat pizza.

  1. Mushroom Satay and Paprika

This recipe can be an alternative if you want to have a barbeque with friends. Replace meat with mushrooms and add seasonings such as pepper and salt. Grill briefly and taste really good.

Those are 6 delicious food menu ideas for vegetarians. Vegan diet types, of course, must prioritize a vegetable menu that is not boring and delicious taste.