Safety Features On The Truck

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So far, many people think that companies that produce vehicles only prioritize adding advanced features to vehicles, especially vehicles used for dispatch services. This is not quite right, because the companies that manufacture vehicles also always develop safety features for driving. Automotive companies consider that the safety features in the vehicle are very important to maintain the safety of the driver and also the passengers in the vehicle. Of course, automotive companies want to ensure that users of vehicles produced by automotive companies are always safe while driving. This will have a big influence on the image of the automotive company.

There are several vehicles whose safety features have developed from time to time, one of which is a truck. Trucks are vehicles that have a considerable influence on the economies of countries in the world. Trucks are used to deliver goods in bulk from one area to another. So without trucks, the distribution of goods on land will not run smoothly. In response to this, automotive companies are competing to develop better trucks. Various automotive companies have now succeeded in producing trucks with good performance, sophisticated safety features, comfortable driving, efficient fuel use, and emission reduction.

Truck Safety Features

Now there are several advanced safety features available on trucks :

  1. Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist

This safety feature will help truck drivers avoid accidents due to being sleepy or not focusing while driving. Dynamic steering with lane keeping assist works by providing vibrations to the steering wheel of the truck, when the tires of the truck have crossed the boundaries on the road. With the vibration on the steering wheel, it is hoped that truck drivers will refocus on driving so that accidents can be avoided. This safety feature was created for trucks that are generally used for dispatch services.

  1. I-See

This safety feature was created to minimize accidents that occur on trucks while walking on an uphill or steep road. I-See will automatically detect an uphill or steep road. After that I-See will change the gear at a level suitable for the road, so that later the movement of the truck can be maximized. In addition to safety, I-See is also useful in conserving truck fuel usage.

  1. Autonomus Emergency Braking System

This safety feature was created to minimize accidents that occur on trucks due to delays in braking on the truck. The autonomous emergency braking system will automatically make the truck experience a deselaration when the truck driver is potentially late in applying the brakes. That way the truck will be positioned at a safe distance.

Those are some of the safety features on the truck. These features are created to solve the causes of accidents on trucks, automotive companies develop safety features on trucks.

Safety Features For Transport Truck Types

There are several safety features that you should know for this type of transport truck :

  1. Rearview Mirror


To maximize visibility.

  1. Horn

To maintain distance from other vehicles or people on the road.

  1. Camera

To pay attention to the conditions around the truck when it is about to unload.

Those are some of the safety features that exist in this type of transport truck. Of course, this is very useful for transport trucks used for dispatch services.