One of the Most Essential Softwares For PC

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Softwares and PC, both will never be separated. Your PC will surely need softwares to run the programs for your PC. Among many softwares that can be download through websites, you might now know this one. This is one the most essential softwares for Windows PC. This software is important for you who have the printer, especially Canon Printer. This software is called resetter.

Canon itself is one of the best and most popular printer brand in the whole world. One of the best-selling types of Canon Printer is the ip2770. This printer is having such high demand because of the quality and the price. With such an affordable price, this printer made by Canon is so worth it. However, in certain cases, there are some users of this type of printer who experience error or problems while printing documents.

The causes of it is actually vary, it can be due to an error from the machine or maybe the printer itself is used too much and too often. This will cause the exhaustment of printer, especially if the printer is not maintained well. In many cases, this problem will affect you to have encountered the error code “Error 5200 Waste ink Tank Absorber Full or Error 5200”. Now, the good news is that you can reset the printer.

How to Reset Your Printer

In resetting the printer, we need the help of a printer resetter tool or it can be done manual. Later on, you can try it yourself and choose which method works to reset your Canon printer.

  1. Turn off your printer.
  2. Then press and hold the resume button.
  3. While holding the Resume button, continue by pressing the POWER button until the printer green light turns on.
  4. Then release the resume button but the power button is still being held.
  5. Then proceed by pressing the resume button for 5 x the LED lights will turn on alternately orange, green, and end with an orange color.
  6. Now release all buttons.
  7. Be prepared, because the Led light will blink several times and finally will stop and make a green light.
  8. Please wait, the computer is detecting the printer now.
  9. now the printer is in service mode and ready to be reset.

Printer Reset Process

  1. Download Reset Software for Canon P 2770/2700
  2. If it has been downloaded then immediately install the software above.
  3. Then, open the Canon IP 2770 Printer Resetter software.
  4. Then click the MAIN button, the printer will automatically print with the text D = 000.0
  5. Then click EEPROM Clear.
  6. The printer will print the results of resetting the Resetter iP2770 software, please see the reset text, it should say TPAGE (TTL = 00000).
  7. Turn off the printer and turn it back on.

Well, that is how you can reset your Canon Printer when there is a problem occurred. You can always use resetter software tools to assist you in maintaining and fixing your Canon Printer. It is easy to use and easy to download, so there will be no difficulties when it comes to fixing your printer anymore.